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Monday, April 25, 2011

What Does it Cost to Treat Prostate Cancer?

What are the true costs to treat prostate cancer? What about Cyberknife? Surgery? IMRT? Proton Beam?

Many people do not know how much it costs to treat this curable disease.

Did you know that Cyberknife is one of the least costly?  The outcomes are excellent and the treatment is quick and painless without many adverse side effects.

Below is an excerpt from an article just published from the website "Value Based Cancer Care"

Although the cost of CyberKnife to treat prostate cancer is initially higher than surgery—an equally effective therapy—patients experience a better quality of life with CyberKnife than with other treatment modalities and have lower lifetime costs compared with radiation and proton therapies.

Total lifetime costs from a payer perspective were:
  • $25,904 for CyberKnife
  • $22,295 for surgery
  • $38,915 for IMRT
  • $58,100 for proton therapy

Read more about the costs of treatment here.

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